Understanding the Pieces

There are over nine-hundred million ways to stack six LEGO™ bricks! Trillions more if you don't limit yourself to the original 2x4 block. The permutations are nearly endless!!!Building business is the same way... Just like LEGO™, some creations are sturdier than others. There is no one-size-fits all for business growth. You can outsource the bulk of your business but it requires strategic management to make outsourcing work for you. It's easy to get stuck managing foreigners that don't understand you half as well as you think...It's hard enough to get people from your own culture to understand your core business goals. It's even harder to keep your enthusiasm from micromanaging the life out of your creative team. Striking the right balance to get steady creativity while managing a budget that is half of what's needed is one of the biggest challenges facing most small and overgrown businesses today.

Too many companies fly by the seat of their pants without understanding their core business or their market until they crash and burn...

We prevent startup burnout because we understand the pieces.

We've been building businesses with virtual LEGO™ brick for decades... We know which pieces fit and which ones fall apart. We can talk technology stacks and dig through the idiosyncrasies of business structures. We've designed huge market campaigns and managed massive code bases. We've negotiated major deals and dealt with greedy investors trying to take over in a crisis.

We are the creatives who love growing businesses...
The only thing we don't do is stay up all night worrying.

We've been around the block too many times to get stress out by the current hurdle in front of us. Our decades of experience help your project excel from day one with less risk because we've encountered your obstacles before. We can take a lot of the guesswork out of problem solving because we've been pushing limits of possibility for so long...

Been there. Done that.

We like filling in the cracks between the startup world and the massive corporate jungle. We like streamlining processes when everything feels like its falling apart. We enjoy the efficiency problems of scaling without resources. We're used to the grind of uncertainty and constant curve balls that come in growing businesses. And we live for the days we get to help a growing business branch out and try something new.There is no one-size fits all approach... Some companies need executives but they can only pay for french fry cooks. Some executives need an extra brain to understand their goals and discuss options. Some companies need a non-traditional marketing approach... Most likely, you need a weird combination of these things that doesn't fit inside the traditional factory service models of today's modern consulting firms.We take pride in only hiring geniuses... Our business architects, marketing engineers, and technology strategists have each personally advanced multiple industries with their unique talents. We tailor our solution to fit your needs with a simple retainer model that insures you get the bang for your buck every time. Ans we're always interested in trying something new that is outside everyone elses boxes!

If you need to grow your business...
we can help!

Virtual Executives

Many small business simply can't afford quality executives.
It's a sad reality. But a real one...

The good news is that you often don't need a CTO, CMO, CIO, or CSO in a salaried "on call" position 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What you do need is someone who can understand your company, help you find solutions that don't require babysitters and then get out of your way and let your business grow without taking all the credit...

We bring an industry-level C-Suite
to your door for pennies on the dollar...

We can do this because you don't get these executives full time.That's a good thing!!! - You only get them when you need them and you never have to pay for an executive to twiddle their thumbs. The best part is, you can rotate what you need as you grow!Maybe you need a seasoned CTO to manage your foreign dev team and get your app out the door. Then maybe you need a practical CMO to help you with your go-to-market-strategy. Then you need a Security Consultant to do a high level audit for GDPR or PCI compliance. Maybe you need bulldog negotiator to help you navigate a sticky buyout...

This is all in our wheel house!

We cherry pick the best executives from the people we've known and trusted for year. These are the same seasoned professionals who have built industries and created business automation that has lasted decades. It's easy for those of us who have been building startups for 20 years to call up a few buddies and get you the team you need!The only problem with staffing seasoned professional is that they get expensive. If we brought on all these people full time, their salaries would eat straight through your seed capital in an instant. Good people don't come cheap! (And we hire the best...) That is why we devised a consultancy to give you the bang for your buck so that your startup can have the industry leading experience necessary to get it to market and make it fly...

Whatever your challenge...
We're ready!

Process Consulting

Lean Businesses need help staying lean.

Big businesses die when they fail to curb their natural obesity and fall into a lethargic patterns wallowing in the wake of historic innovation. Everyone knows that thousands of processes can easily become too much for any management team to handle. Communication naturally breaks down. Lean competitors swoop in and innovate your solution out of existence... Even mid-sized businesses and startups have the same struggles...

It's hard to see the danger when you're close to the daily grind.

The main job of a process consultant is understanding your goals and making sure your business is poised to meet them. A process consultant is constantly focuses on emerging trends to make sure you are still relevant in six months when a competitor unveils their next killer app...Your business process consultant understands that every decision has to be consistent with your main goals. They are not simply focused on your day-to-day operations but even more on the effects that process refinement has on your overall productivity. A large part of the business process consulting is crafting migration strategies that limit downtime as much as possible and alleviate the pain of change.

The hardest thing for any entrepreneur is deciding when and how apply temporary fixes while waiting for the long term fixes to be built.

Nothing is ever as efficient as you'd like it to be...
You'll always have great employees doing things in a sub-optimal way
to cut corners just to keep things running...

This is precisely what a
well-oiled-machine looks like!

Knowing when NOT to optimize is even more important than trying to milk your process for maximum efficiency. - It takes a season professional to know the difference between healthy chaos and invisible mayhem that can destroy your company. Sometimes business can be a little hectic, but that is not always a bad thing...

We help you take the guesswork out of process optimization...

You most likely don't need a massive overhaul in your business. A slight refocusing can do wonders if it is well thought-out and targets the right inefficiencies. Our experts have been making those hard calls for years, helping businesses thrive through trying times.

If your business isn't running smoothly
a process consultant just might
revolutionize your industry!

Business Architecture

Back in the good-ole-days the young went to business school, learned about finance and warehousing. They magically found investors and started managing a business which always grew into successful enterprises. Everyone got wealthy and they lived to fight another day...

Blah blah blah - yeah right??!

Business is never as easy as they make it seem in the movies... There has never been a magic formula to replicate endless wealth. Each product and service always has its own obstacles and challenges to overcome.

There is no secret business model
to make you a raging success.

That is not to say that architectural principals do not exist in the world of business. There are many companies built on strong foundations which can weather almost any business climate. - But most of them are not startups and few are less than fifty years old...

It always takes time to grow a solid business system.

You need to thoroughly understand your customers, your market, your solution and the connections between them. Great businesses do something needed in a way that is easy for the consumer to understand. Each piece of a solid business model is simple enough for skilled laborers to understand without knowing the intricacies of every moving part or the business goals and rationale behind every process.

A good business process is intuitive.
The flow is natural and efficient.

It's much harder than it looks to build elegant business... - There are over a hundred hidden gotchas that threaten to derail your business every day. It's impossible to know every permutation of dominoes that could fall to cause problems in your business. You just can't plan for everything, but we can apply sound principles in business architecture that encourage growth even in catastrophic economic uncertainty.A good business architect looks at your business as a complete ecosystem of moving components. Even more important than the pieces are the interaction between them that comprises the success and failure of each moment in your business cycles. Every process has a dozen points of interest that can be monitored and tuned for simplicity and eligant sucess.

Great business DOES NOT come from
making a big thing exceptional,
but from continually doing
many small things well.

The most important questions we can ask of your business are the obvious ones that everyone forgets to ask... These question form the basis of understanding of everything in your business. Without a clear understand of your business you are on shaky footing when hard times come. Articulating the basics is the first step in building a more solid foundation to each of your business processes.Regardless of your industry, the laws of economics and technological limits of communications apply. Good business architecture is about working within these confines and using their natural opposing forces to uphold your company and keep it soaring high. This comes from a clear understanding of the pieces and a deep love for elegant simplicity.

The more a business architect focuses on foundational assumptions the more likely you are to find lasting success in your industry...

Technology Management

So you have an idea for a business and one day it morphed into a tech company... Or maybe one day you outsourced development overseas to save a few bucks and later realized they didn't understand what you wanted at all. They think a little differently over there and it can easily hosed your project if you're not careful. - Happens more often than you might think...

If technology were easy there would be much less demand for people who understand technogarble!

But technology is never easy... Developers on the other side of the world live in different societies with different cultural norms. What you describe to them may mean something completely different in their world. They use Facebook and Instagram differently. Even the developers on this side of the world think very different from the average Joe on the street.Successful management of technology is first a human communications problem. NOBODY CAN GUARANTEE a developer will understand of your needs the way you do. - We can pretty much guarantee they won't. - Most people don't realize that simply writing a full and detailed specifications will often guarantee failure rather than success in the world of technology...

Developers do not understand you!

The human brain is complex and "helps" us constantly by filling holes in our perception with imaginations and assumptions that are often wildly off the mark. This plagues developers just like everybody else. Simply realizing the potential for communication problems is not enough. - You have to know what to do about these misunderstandings and how to be vigilant to detect and mitigate their effect...

To successfully manage a development team you must simultaneously trust their skill while doubting your own ability to communicate effectively...

Unless you've been around the stress of software development for many years the changing requirements, delivery timelines and over-extended budgets will escalate your frustration and fuel misunderstanding to the point that your project will most certainly derail. This is why seasoned entrepreneurs almost always avoid managing development directly and let someone else stay entangled in the nitty-gritty details of feature creep, confirmation bias and impossible deadlines...

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to integrate technology into a business landscape.

Each situation is unique... Some CEOs are tech savvy and just need a second pair of eyeballs to make sure things make sense. In other cases, entrepreneurs are perpetual dreamers without a technical focus to achieve their amazing ideas. Still others find themselves with an product of outsourced development totally gone wrong and only half the budget needed to fix it...

We get it.
Development is tough.

We've been through our own tangles with the swamp of technology development so many times that we've lost count. We've helped companies build enormous cash flow and scale to impressive cloud-scale without a huge development overhead. In some cases, we had to pull this off without a development team!!!

We're good at what we do
and we don't apologize for it!

Technology has always had huge potential to solve many problems for humanity. We always find deep satisfaction in building businesses to make the world a better place. If you're trying to change the future, we'd love to learn how we can be part of the solution for your technology headache...

Negotiation Strategy

A lot of people hate the idea of negotiation because they don't know how to listen to opposing viewpoints without agreeing. Other people are so aggressive you avoid them just so they don't rub your eyebrows off. - The art of negotiation is working with difficult people in a respectful, harmonious manner while staying patient to discovering the best outcome for everyone...

Every contract has loopholes...

Sure, lawyer are supposed to catch the majority of them. But they never catch them all. The worst ones always seem to get through undetected leaving you to sort out the mayhem and deal with the consequences. In business, you almost always have to interact with someone trying to screw you over, until you find a way to negotiate past the dispute to an outcome that is more pleasing for everyone.

Of course, this is easier said than done...

Negotiation is a skill that takes decades to perfect. In truth, there really is no end to its study. It requires excellent listening skills and a laser-focused understanding of human emotion under stress. The best negotiators always maintain respect and dignity towards everyone. A good negotiator is never arrogant, but still bold when necessary... Always listening, ready to hear a better idea no matter who presents it...Our negotiation experts can help you through trying occasions. They can take point and negotiate on your behalf or sit quietly in the background and coach you through the intricacies of your next big deal. They aren't students of legalese but rather students of human nature. Their job is to help you manage emotions and steer your opponent to suggesting the most favorable outcome for everyone.

Each consultant at Codeheavy is trained in the art of negotiation...

We are ready and able to aid in you in any negotiation struggles. Our virtual executives pretty much live in negotiation land every day of the year. Our process consultants constantly negotiate the fine line between replacing people and empowering them. And our business architects constantly negotiate weird intersections of logic, morality and automation.Whatever your situation, whether it be business alliances, corporate merger, strategic acquisition, personnel issue, supplier problem, contract follow-through or delinquent collections... Our negotiation experience is ALWAYS at your disposal...

All business is negotiation.
We're here to help maintain sanity.

Corporate Training

Growing the collective skill set of your staff may seem like an illusive pipe dream. But there are plenty of companies that do great at this very thing. Almost every one of these amazing companies finds outside contractors to help craft their training materials for maximum results...

Corporate training is a team effort.

Building a company culture to foster learning and leadership requires both forethought and continual refinement. Good communication and articulate understanding of corporate objectives are important keys to the building a corporate culture that is fun and effective in its field.It requires finesse in many areas to train employees. You need people who understand communication design, learning retention, KPI tracking, student follow-up, iterative messaging as well as general respectful language.Great training come from inter-departmental cooperation and excited passion for the success and growth of the company. It's not one thing, but many little things coming together...

Why hire strategic business consultants to help with training?

It may seem like an odd to think of a company geared at providing virtual executives for growing businesses to talk about corporate training. However, because we spend so much of our time keyed-in to your company's processes and goals, it makes us ideally suited to help you craft the training program to maximize the potential of each staff member.Our business architects and process consultants spend most of their time understanding and explaining your business to others. Our marketing engineers focus on engaging potential customers and automating their intake experience in a friendly and efficient manner. Our negotiation experience makes us keenly suited to work through opposition that may arise as a result of corporate policy. It all fits together hand-in-glove...

Corporate training doesn't have to be boring...

The primary goal of any corporate training is to transfer the enthusiasm and passion that you have for your company, your employees and your customers. That kind of passion is never boring!If you feel like you've hit a roadblock on communicating your love for what you do we can most certainly help. We like building businesses that make the world a better place. We like communicating objectives in a way that is contagious. And we like bringing your goals to fruition.

If your training is boring, it means it already failed...
Please don't settle for boring corporate training any more.

Growth Strategy

When you hear the words, growth hacking, you immediately think of something that is borderline legal... Maybe buying followers on social media or some shady get-rich-quick siminar that is about to start in ten minutes!!!

Really, growth hacking is just a fancy modern term for good marketing strategy. But marketing has been going through so many changes in the last three decades that even that term is a little hard to grasp. This is why we use the term, growth strategy, which we simply mean to be a strategy on what to do when to help your company grow.

Growing Fast vs Growing Strong

Most growth hacking today focuses on growing faster than you can stand. More customers. More marketing. More growth. Rinse repeat. Let it magically happen while you sleep... This is really a pipe dream.It takes focus to refine your sales funnels and get to the point of growing as fast as you want. When you provide products or services there are always hard limits to your supply that force you to constantly understand what the upper limits of growth look like.Sadly, a lot of enthusiastic millennials and social entrepreneurs have no clue how to avoid death by success. This happens all to easily when you've get too much demand from your customers and not so many resources to serve half of them.We've all seen the flash-in-the-pan services which look promising but die quickly because they can't maintain quality at such a breakneck speed.

Mass Cancelations - The Secret Enemy

Far too often we've seen young entrepreneurs come to us all starry-eyed thinking they can sell until the cows come home. Then the economy takes a turn suddenly or their third party service stops performing as expected and customers start to complain and demand a refund.

This is more common than most people think.

A new service takes time and finesse to perfect. If it was really so easy to build, it's probably hard to market. If it's easy to market, it's probably hard to monetize. If it's easy to monetize, it's probably hard to refund...Most companies only ever plan to succeed. But the real test of a good business plan is the ability to endure setbacks and come out sailing. This is where business architecture and process consulting intersect with good old fashioned marketing know-how. Without a way to put on the breaks, your company may fall prey to the same deadly mistake.

Sometimes you have to put on the breaks.

This is why our marketing engineers always start their planning by defining what too much growth looks like. Then they tailor their campaigns to that end so that everything can be throttled if necessary to avoid unwanted upset from overzealous marketing endeavors.We spend a lot of time kicking the tires and studying the limits of your business to understanding what growth looks like from every vantage point. We try our best to backup every decision with solid data and failure planning built-in. This way we ensure solid growth that will stick around as your fledgling company takes off and begins to sore...

Any sustainable growth in business must ascend beyond simple transactions and build real customer relationships that sit somewhere between friend and fanatic.

We want to make it simple for you to find the solution to meets your needs - If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us and we'll work together to make it happen...

Iteration Package

Perfect for Growth Hacking,
Strategy Advisory, and
Agile Management

no Savings

11% Savings

21% Savings


With 6hrs on Site

Extra Hours: $166.38/hr

Extra Hours: $142.61/hr

Extra Hours: $130.70/hr

Subject to Availability

3 month commitment


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9 month commitment


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18 month commitment


Paid Quarterly

Innovation Package

Perfect for Strategic Marketing,
Technology Advisory, and
Innovation Management

3% Savings

13% Savings

23% Savings


With 14hrs on Site

Extra Hours: $149.62/hr

Extra Hours: $129.09/hr

Extra Hours: $116.23/hr

Subject to Availability

3 month commitment


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9 month commitment


Paid Quarterly

18 month commitment


Paid Quarterly

Exceleration Package

Perfect for Business Strategy,
Marketing Management, and
Technology Management

5% Savings

15% Savings

25% Savings


With 22hrs on Site

Extra Hours: $146.15/hr

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Subject to Availability

3 month commitment


Paid Monthly

9 month commitment


Paid Quarterly

18 month commitment


Paid Quarterly

Commit to a longer period and SAVE!!!

Enterprise Extras

In addition, to our normal consulting we also provide more out-of-the box services like Crowdfunding, Negotiation Coaching, Corporate Cultural Overhaul, Bespoke Trainings, Advertising Automation, and General Efficiency Consulting - We only hire humble, well connected, seasoned professionals to insure we always connect you with the best people...

Just ask and we'll be glad to work out a custom solution for you you.

Technology can be dehumanizing... We want to change that by keeping communicating as personal as possible. Everything is handled with kid gloves from the outset because every business is important. If you need an NDA signed before your consult just mention so below and we will try to accommodate your wishes...

Some people like to compare pricing before they talk to real people. If that's you, we provide a list of usual retainer options for you. However, actual pricing may include factors beyond what can be calculated on a website so we encourage you to discuss your pricing concerns with us on your call.

Thanks for Reaching Out

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not employ sales staff.All consultations are with actual seasoned professionals who understand your problems. We try our best to connect you from the outset with a consultant who can actually help with your unique situation.We usually follow up within two business days!
A lot depends on workload and availability.
Thanks for being patient.

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